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Welcome to Kwaka Kev's website and follow him around as he tours Australia on a motorbike. A good long overdue holiday to get to know this big long land of ours was in order and here it is. Being self sufficient on a motorbike is not easy, there are lots of weight and size restrictions that apply. It is not as bad as someone who is hiking, but still a lot worst than owning a car. So why do it? The saving in fuel is a big point, Australia is a big place and with 40 litres capacity it will go about 800 kilometres, or about twice as far as the average car. Then there is the challenge of it, getting organised, deciding what is important, looking for sustainable solutions, the fitness of balancing a heavy load over some rough terrain. All these and many more are encountered along the way in looking for Australia...

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Recent Updates

11th January 2012

The final end of the journey starts here.

16th December 2011

After coming to an end of the West Coast, the journey along the South begins here.

6th December 2011

After a long break from travelling back on the road here.

14th April 2011

Expanded section on Integrity adding HAARP and UFO's here.

10th September 2010

Start heading south here.

24th August 2010

Finally make it to the west coast here.

16th August 2010

The Gibb River road keeps going west here.

6th August 2010

A new page for public discussion and comments is here.

2nd August 2010

A trip around Oz has to include the biggest state Western Australia here.

29th July 2010

The weather has become a lot better going through central Northen Territory here.

18th July 2010

To escape the unusual cold and wet Alice, the road north is here.

17th June 2010

The Finke Desert Race at Alice Springs is here.

7th June 2010

The Sandover highway to Alice Springs is here.

30th May 2010

The move South West continues here.

22nd May 2010

As the bitumen comes to an end, the adventure begins here.

16th May 2010

After reaching the northen town of Cairns, the journey starts to go west here.

5th May 2010

The journey keeps continuing North here.

25th April 2010

After a break in Brisbane it was time to keep moving. With it comming into the right time of year to travel through the top end of Oz, this is one way to go here.

25th March 2010

After some considerable reseach a picture of a complex and serious threat has emmerged here.

1st March 2010

While the plan was to go to Perth, I am taking the senic route through Brisbane to stop off at a wedding. Currently stuck at Lighting Ridge in NSW due to rain, it has given me some time to catch up with the Flinders Rangers and the North West of New South Wales here.

3rd Febuary 2010

New website is now online. For previous website check out www.kwakakev.wordpress.com

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Last updated: 11th January 2012